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FnF Fuels Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to get my card?
5 – 10 working days from receipt of your completed application form.
What discount will I get?
Discounts are generous and competitive, please contact us on 0800 43 8383 for more information.
Is the discount off the pump price?
Caltex Starcard – Yes. Mobilcard now has a choice of 2 discount/pricing options, off the displayed pump price or off the Mobil National price. BP is off a National price. Please contact us for more information.
Do all cards have PIN’s?
What happens if I forget my PIN?
Contact us and we will arrange for your PIN to be reset
What happens if my card is lost or stolen?
During office hours (8.30am – 5.00pm Mon to Fri) contact us on 0800 43 83 83 or email fuels@fnffuels.co.nz. After office hours for your Mobil card contact Mobil on 0800 732 277, for your Caltex Starcard contact Caltex on 0800 733 835 and for BP contact BP on 0800 800 027. Please contact us to order replacement cards.
Can my card be used at all Mobil/Caltex/BP sites throughout New Zealand?
As a general rule – yes. We recommend checking the Fuel Station Finder page on our website as this lists only discounted sites
How do I pay?
By direct debit
Do I have to pay by Direct Debit or can I pay by credit card or cheque?
All accounts are paid by direct debiting a bank account. We are unable to accept credit cards. You can pay by cheque or internet banking as long as that payment is received by us at least 2 working days before the direct debit payment is processed.
If I intend to pay before the direct payment every month, do I still need to complete the direct debit form?
Yes, to keep your account with us open and your cards active, an authorised direct debit must be in place at all times.
Can I put limits on my cards?
Yes, you can put $ limits and product limits.
Can I have more than 1 card?
Yes, you can have as many cards as you like for both accounts.
How does the fuel card system work?
Your card is swiped at the site when you purchase fuel. That information is sent electronically to the fuel company (Mobil, Caltex or BP) who then send it to us electronically where it is processed in our system. It is at this point your discount is applied. An invoice, detailing your transactions and statement is sent to you at the end of the month. Payment is by direct debit on the 20th of the following month.
I have changed banks, what do I need to do?
Please contact us and we will send you another Direct Debit form.